“Worrying and persistently high” Death rates in Welsh Hospitals

21 February 2014

“Worrying and persistently high” Death rates in Welsh Hospitals

MPs have raised concerns about serious failures at NHS hospitals in Wales in the wake of an investigation called by the NHS England medical director, Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, three months ago. The NHS has been accused of hiding evidence of “worrying and persistently high” death rates in Welsh hospitals despite calls for a full investigation. The hospitals, presided by Labour rule since devolution, were singled out by government MPs with “deeply disturbing” failings on the premises allowed to continue unfettered.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary accused the NHS in Labour-controlled Wales of having not learnt the lessons of Mid-Staffs, where patients died after horrendous instances of care and malpractice; he added that the failure in transparency with the mortality rates marked a “betrayal of patients.”

"Yet again we see cover-up and inaction"

Ann Clwyd MP raised the issue of high mortality rates at the six hospitals last year to Sir Bruce who in turn alerted his Welsh counterpart, Chris Jones. Sir Bruce offered to launch an investigation into the “worrying” statistics as he described them in a subsequent email but he received no reply and no further indication that an investigation was need.

Mrs Clwyd provided initial information that showed high death rates at University Hospital Wales, in Cardiff; Royal Gwent in Newport; Princess of Wales in Bridgend; Royal Glamorgan in Llantristant and three community hospitals.

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"Betrayal of patients"

Charlotte Leslie, a Conservative member of the Commons health committee opined “After all the fatal cover-ups in Mid Staffs, which cost countless lives under Labour, there is still a corner of the NHS where they preside – and yet again we see cover-up and inaction.”

Mrs Clywd, Labour MP for Cynon Valley, in Wales, had spearheaded a government review of the NHS complaints system, after her husband Owen suffered from neglect and poor care at University Hospital Wales, which was shown in subsequent statistics to have mortality rates almost 30% above average in Wales.

A Welsh Government spokesman said “If legitimate concerns are raised about particular aspects of care at specific hospitals, we have acted quickly and ordered independent reviews.”

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