Thousands of cancer patients may have been mistreated as cancer doctor sacked

16 October 2014

Thousands of cancer patients may have been mistreated as cancer doctor sacked

Over 1,000 East Surrey Hospital cancer patients are being written to this week over fears they may have been medically mistreated after a consultant urologist has been sacked, prompting a swift apology by the chief executive of the NHS trust in question after an investigation found numerous incidents of cancer mistreatment.

Consultant urologist Paul Miller was sacked from the Earlswood hospital after an investigation found 27 of his cancer patients have come to "serious significant harm" due to the treatment received by him whilst under his care. 1,200 bladder and prostate cancer patients may have been treated wrongly as a a specialist helpline has been set up specifically for concerned East Surrey hospital patients.

Michael Wilson, chief executive of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, has issued an apology, speaking to the Surrey Mirror newspaper 

“Without a shadow of a doubt we apologised unreservedly for the care these patients experienced."

“We dismissed this urologist from his post.”

Dr Miller’s fellow consultants and specialist nurses raised the alarm about his practice in November 2013 with a subsequent investigation following his suspension. It found that 1,200 of his patients, dating back to 2006, had to be reviewed.

A group of GPs, urologists from other hospitals and cancer nurse specialists looked at the patients’ notes and found 27 were medically mistreated.

The investigation confirmed that Mr Miller had not “followed the advice of multi-disciplinary teams in carrying out established and recognised cancer treatments”.

Trust medical director Des Holden said: “I acknowledge and appreciate the outcome of the clinical review and the content of the letters will be deeply distressing to our patients and their families, and I am very sorry.”

Mr Wilson added: “We have been open and transparent with all the national bodies, including the Care Quality Commission.

“Our main aim is to allay patients’ fears and anxieties.

“Our priority now is to deal with the patients.”

Mr Miller has been banned from treating urological cancer patients while an investigation by the General Medical Council is carried out.

Mr Miller  worked at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital in Horley who is working with Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust to review the medical records of patients as quickly as possible. has set up a specialist cancer mistreatment helpline for concerned East Surrey Hospital patients who can call at any time on 0800 222 9800 with the lines being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specialist cancer mistreatment teams have vast experience in assisting patients and their loved ones where there has been cancer misdiagnosis and delay related treatment.