No good news on survival for Bradford cancer patients

18 March 2015

No good news on survival for Bradford cancer patients

No good news on survival for Bradford cancer patients, says Bradford West MP

The survival rate for cancer patients in Bradford is not improving and is still miles below that in mainland Europe according to Bradford West MP George Galloway. "We're worse off in nearly every socio-economic statistic, as well as child mortality and survival. And now this," said Galloway. 

"Diagnosing cancer early is the crucial element in beating it"

"Your chances of being born and growing up healthy are lower than elsewhere in the country and now we learn your chances of surviving cancer are lower," he said. "Because diagnosing cancer early is the crucial element in beating it. You don't have to be an actuary to realise that you have less chance of living to a healthy old age here than in much of the rest of the country and certainly Europe."

According to figures released by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer the chance of surviving for a year with cancer is 65% in Bradford and 82% in Europe. And the rate in Bradford has not increased between 2011 and 2012.

"We're failing. And we are not looking like succeeding," the Bradford West MP said. "These figures cover the whole of Bradford but as sure as eggs is eggs it will be worse in my constituency. It takes a lot to shock me but I truly am. I will be asking the Health Secretary, whose constituents are wealthier and healthier, what he is going to do about early intervention to detect and save those at risk in the city."

As Galloway opined early cancer diagnosis is vital to avoid an exacerbation of any of its forms and to stave off the risk of the cancer spreading and avoidable harm and treatment. has often spoken to members of the public-including from Bradford West-who have raised issues about issues of cancer diagnosis delays and even misdiagnosis.

Patient Care Options

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