NHS pays out £45 million to cancer patients

14 November 2014

NHS pays out £45 million to cancer patientsNHS pays out £45 million to cancer patients

Nearly 700 patients have been paid damages by the NHS after successful compensation claims. The cases, which were brought over the last eight years, arose after hospitals missed giving the patients a vital cancer diagnosis.

This meant that on average seven people a month are being told they are cancer free by hospital staff only to later find out that they are not.

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of cancer symptoms is vital in ensuring that patients best stand a chance of eradicating the risk of cancer altogether. Mistreatment.com frequently assists members of the public who have experienced misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis errors, only for their cancer to become exacerbated.

Cancer Research UK undertook analysis which suggested that because the disease is not being caught quickly enough, 52,000 patients a year are having their survival chances jeopardised.

NHS statistics alongside the findings suggest that even where a prompt diagnosis is made, as many as one in four lung, bowel and stomach cancer patients have to wait more than the government target of two months before getting a referral by their GP for urgent treatment.

Mistreatment.com has helped patients and their loved ones to bring legal against against their hospital because a delay in diagnosis or mistaken discharge can mean the patient will die prematurely because of the mistake, while others then have to undergo more radical treatment to save them as the cancer has worsened.

"We know that the earlier cancer is spotted and diagnosed the better the outcome for the patient, and we know more needs to be done to address variation and make this happen across the board"

After legal claims were brought, an overall 681 of the patients were paid a combined total of £44.6million by health bosses. These claims were brought as the medics were alleged to have been negligence as they did not spot the cancer early enough or at all. Mistreatment.com has a specialist cancer misdiagnosis and delay team which assists the public in bringing such claims. A delay in cancer diagnosis can damage the life expectancy of a cancer sufferer as the disease has a greater amount of time to spread around the body.

A study by the National Patient Safety Agency found that doctors failed to spot key signs of cancer, tissue samples were mixed up, some patients were wrongly given an all-clear and vital diagnostic tests were delayed because of staff and equipment shortages.

An NHS England spokesperson said: "We know that the earlier cancer is spotted and diagnosed the better the outcome for the patient, and we know more needs to be done to address variation and make this happen across the board.

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of cancer is vital so as to not harm life expectancy

"Overall the number of patients being diagnosed and treated for cancer early is on the rise - over the last five years we have seen a 51 per cent increase in the number of patients referred within two weeks for suspected cancer symptoms, which is good news for improving early diagnosis and survival.

"We are now treating more people than ever before and as a result the NHS is helping more people than ever survive.

"We have created a taskforce, with Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority, to help the NHS maintain cancer waiting time standards for referral and treatment, and to tackle under-performance where necessary."

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