NHS ‘not fit for the future’ warns NHS England medical director

20 January 2015

NHS ‘not fit for the future’ warns NHS England medical director

NHS ‘not fit for the future’ warns NHS England medical director

The medical director of NHS England, Sir Bruce Keogh, has warned that the NHS needs to change urgently as it is currently not ‘fit for the future’ and is in danger of becoming unaffordable, stating that “we will have to make some very difficult decisions’.

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh conducted an interview with The Guardian in which he said that in order for the NHS service to sustain its own future it would need a ‘complete transformation’. Whilst denying that the NHS is currently in the midst of a crisis, he warned that it will struggle to cope if it functions as it does now.

He reiterated that change was vital, saying: "If not, we will get to a place where the NHS becomes unaffordable and we will have to make some very difficult decisions which will get to the very heart of the principle of the NHS and its values.

"This will open up a whole series of discussions about whether the NHS is fit for purpose, whether it's affordable, and whether the compact with the citizen of free healthcare for all is sustainable in the longer term."

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While Keogh was quick to point out the NHS service is not in a current crisis, statistics from earlier this month show that elements of patient care are being detrimentally impacted.

For example, earlier this month figures showed that waiting times in accident and emergency departments in England had fallen to their worst levels for ten years, with just 92.6% of patients being seen within four hours.

Last week Keogh told the Commons Health Committee hospital A&E departments were under "considerable pressure", with 20,000 more patients attending A&E during Christmas week than during 2013.

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