NHS Has Lost More Than 25% Of its District Nurses Since 2010, Figures Reveal

16 December 2013

NHS Has Lost More Than 25% Of its District Nurses Since 2010, Figures Reveal

New figures released to the Labour Party, have suggested that the NHS has lost more than a quarter of its district nurses since David Cameron came to power. A Freedom of Information request was made by Ed Miliband’s party which has shown that since 2010 there are over 2,000 fewer district nurses currently being employed.

District nurses play a crucial role in the NHS by treating patients-particularly the elderly-within the comfort of their own homes, and thereby reducing the number of hospital admissions overall. Their role also enables the freeing up of more hospital beds in a quicker time period.

This reduction in the number of district nurses has also been offset by the number of patients kept on wards longer than they need to be and is more than 20,000 a month higher than it was in August 2010. This of course comes at a substantial cost, with the delayed discharges costing £260.00 per day to the NHS per patient.

The shadow minister for care and older people, Liz Kendall, said: “Cutting district nurses is a false ­economy.

"Taxpayers end up paying millions of pounds extra every month because patients can’t get the care they need in the community or at home.”

When Mr Cameron became PM in May 2010 there were 7,813 district nurses. There are now 2,020 fewer. And without them hospitals cannot prepare care packages so patients can go home.

Ms Kendall added to her comments: “Older people don’t want to have to go to hospital – or to get stuck there.”

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