Mistreatment.com reaches out to Mel B to raise wrongful Laser Eye Surgery awareness

22 October 2014

Mistreatment.com reaches out to Mel B to raise wrongful Laser Eye Surgery awareness

photo credit: The Jonathan Ross Show

Music pop star and Spice Girl Mel B is getting ready to host the MOBO Awards but is worried about reading the teleprompter due to deterioration in her vision during rehearsals, stemming from what she feels may be the result of not being fully made aware of the inherent risks of the laser eye surgery procedure. In the wake of her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show where Mel B discussed the issue of wrongful laser eye surgery, Mistreatment.com reached out to her via social media to discuss the issue in more detail and raise awareness about what is becoming a widespread concern for patients.

Laser Eye Surgery Gone Wrong is a major issue in the wake of a recent leading decision against Optical Express which made clear that the patient in question, Stephanie Holloway, was not made adequately aware of the risks of the procedure before she undertook it-instead feeling rushed, inadequately prepared and uninformed about the delicate laser eye surgery procedure.

"Suddenly I realised I couldn't see properly"

These concerns mirror what Mel B said on The Jonathan Ross Show and highlight the fact that Mistreatment.com has a number of specialist laser eye surgery negligence teams which regularly provide advice, support and guidance to those who were not given the proper information before electing for surgery and who may have experienced wrongful laser eye surgery during the procedure itself.

Mel B had experienced similar vision problems before when presenting the MOBO show, telling the Mirror at the time: 

"I had laser treatment done to correct [my eyes], but it started to reverse in one eye. It's scary. I'm going blind again. I had a bit of a nightmare. I was reading the autocue and then suddenly I realised that I couldn't see properly." 

Patient Care Options

Have you or a loved one wanted to raise a complaint with the NHS regarding medical mistreatment that has been experienced including wrongful laser eye surgery? Our specialist teams can provide FREE advice about what your options are, whether you want to make a medical negligence claim or medical mistreatment complaint or simply to better understand what your patient rights. You can contact us here today for  a no-obligation and completely free conversation to discuss what happened to you.