Making A Difference For You: Raising The Bar

25 September 2013

Making A Difference For You: Raising The Bar is dedicated to helping members of the public understanding their patient and health care rights under the NHS and private care to deal with both medical complaints and medical negligence claims arising out of the treatment they have received.

Since our official launch in July 2013 we are proud to announce that over 2,000 enquiries come to us from members of the public on a monthly basis and the number only continues to rise daily.

The service we provide in informing members of the public about their patient and healthcare rights has not only been recognised through the rising high volumes of enquiries we receive daily but in the award of the Interactive Media Award (IMA) in August 2013-only a month after our official public launch. The Interactive Media Award (IMA) was awarded to us by the Interactive Media Council, INC (IMC) and we were voted First in Class in the legal category for our website.

The website was not only awarded for the rich content and information about different medical conditions and categories but for the active, user friendly and accessible way it was designed enabling visitors to the site to understand different types of medical conditions and to enquire about making a medical complaint or starting a medical negligence claim.

Since July 2013 the teams at have handled hundreds of enquiries from members of the public daily and thousands of enquiries on a monthly basis. It has become apparent that members of the public have compared different medical complaint services on the internet but have visited and called through to because of what we offer regarding our expert, friendly and efficient enquiry teams and our accredited and highly experienced associated medical negligence solicitors.

This volume is a reflection not only of our service to the members of the public who have called through specifically to us but the awarding of the Interactive Media Award in just a month of our creation online.

With over 2,000 enquiries having been dealt with monthly since our launch, and hundreds of enquiries from members of the public every day, will be producing a preliminary interim report regarding the variety of complaints about medical mistreatment and medical complaints that are currently facing users of the NHS and private care today.

This report comes in the wake of public inquiries such as The Francis Report which have scrutinised healthcare within the UK and Wales and suggested change.  In light of legal changes, the cost effects of which have impacted members of the public and the care they receive under the NHS, we will be addressing exactly how patients’ access to justice is being affected. The report will address the concerns of members of the public directly.

This report will be released in October 2013 and will provide an in-depth analysis of the different kind of medical complaints and medical negligence cases that members of the public call us about. With hundreds of enquiries a day, and thousands a month, will scrutinise exactly how access to justice has been affected for those members of the public who have called through to us.

Our findings will be made public so that the complaints and concerns of those who called us, and continue to call us, is heard.

We Listen. We Advise. We Help

If you have experienced any form of medical mistreatment at any NHS trusts or hospitals, or want to better understand exactly what your patient rights are, are pleased to offer advice and support to you. Our specialists have wide experience of providing advice and support across a number of areas relating to potential medical mistreatment, such as misdiagnosis and delay and surgery errors, for example.