GP's And Your Rights As A Patient

15 January 2014

GP's And Your Rights As A Patient has received a number of enquiries about patient rights with regards to their GP and how they could go about making a complaint or whether there are grounds for a medical negligence claim where they feel they have not received proper treatment.

This is a guide that runs through some of the options you have with regards to making a complaint against your GP or to start a medical negligence compensation claim if you feel there has been medical mistreatment. has a number of experienced and specialist teams who can help to determine whether you or a loved one is entitled to make a complaint regarding their circumstances or whether a medical negligence claim is required.

Attending your local GP practice for a routine appointment may be a fairly simple and easy task for some patients yet a daunting prospect for others. Whilst GP’s and nurses within the practice provide patients with important advice and information regarding their illness or condition, there are some instances whereby patients are left with implications due to errors or failures which have occurred.

Frequent types of medical mistreatment that can arise through a GP might involve:

-Failure to identify the seriousness of an illness such as pneumonia or suspicious early signs of cancer that merit further investigation

-Failure to refer for specialist assessment such as for a spinal injury or head injury

-Failure to refer quickly enough in cases such as renal failure or a serious urinary tract infection

-Failure to arrange an emergency hospital admission which is a concern a lot of the enquiries through to us wanted to raise is able to provide comprehensive and detailed advice with regard to making a complaint against a GP, nurse or other staff within the practice. Our experienced and specialist teams can speak to you in the first instance for free to outline your options and whether you mihght have a medical negligence claim.

Some questions you can ask yourself if you are suspicious about the level of GP care you received could be:

· Do you feel you were treated in a way that was reasonable? If not, why so?

· Do you think the examination you received was thorough or not?

· Do you think the GP asked you about your own patient history and your symptoms in enough detail in order to make a decision about what the next steps should be?

· Do you think you or a loved one should have been arranged a referral or admitted to hospital given the symptoms you presented to the GP?

· Do you think the GP has been communicating effectively when speaking with other medical professionals or writing to them? Has your care been managed properly whether by phone calls, letters or referrals?

Specialist teams at can run through these and more questions with you so that you know exactly what your patient rights are if you feel your GP care was not up to the standard you expected. If there are grounds for a medical negligence claim, our specialist teams can discuss your options with you. The first step is simply to call us, our initial advice is completely free and we will keep you informed every step of the way should you want to make a complaint or a medical negligence claim against your GP.