22,000 UK dental patients recalled after infection control failures

12 November 2014

22,000 UK dental patients recalled after infection control failures

"Apparent multiple failures" in infection control by a dentist in Nottinghamshire has led to urgent calls for 22,000 dental patients in England to report for checks. The worries come after fears that the patients may have contracted a blood-borne disease such as HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C after a red flag was raised by a nurse over the treatment conducted by dentist Desmond D'Mello.

The dentist, who worked at the former Daybrook dental practice in Gedling, Nottinghamshire for over 32 years, was placed under interim suspension after a whistleblower raised the alarm in June using covertly filmed footage as evidence of poor infection control when treating patients.

Now Public Health England (PHE) is attempting to trace those treated by Desmond D'Mello. While the PHE says tests on D'Mello cleared him of any blood-borne virus there was a still risk of infection for his patients due to poor infection control when carrying out dental treatment to his patients. An exclusive help line has been set up to deal with recalled patients.

Risk of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis B after whistleblower raises alarm

The PHE investigation identified patients seen by him who “appear to have been placed at a possible low risk in infection … due to apparent multiple failures in cross-infection control standards while undergoing dental treatment”.

PHE added that “no findings have been made at this time in respect of D’Mello”.

An exclusive patient helpline has now been set up by the specialist dental team at Mistreatment.com to assist anybody who may have been a patient of D'Mello to find out what their patient rights are, to issue a formal complaint against his treatment or even commence a medical negligence claim if it is the case that after formal assessment, they have contracted one of the infectious diseases highlighted above.

Patient Care Options

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