100% Increase In Surgery Postponements At Arrowe Park Hospital, Figures Reveal

18 December 2013

100% Increase In Surgery Postponements At Arrowe Park Hospital, Figures Reveal

As NHS England figures revealed the extent of cancelled operations at NHS hospitals across the country, one Merseyside hospital has seen a 100% increase in cancelled operations due to a shortage of beds over the last three years, making it the second worst hospital in England for cancelled operations. 

Wirral Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Arrowe Park, has seen bed shortages lead to a surge of cancelled operations with as many as 227 patients rescheduled in 2012/13 compared to only 19 operations cancelled because of beds in 2010/11 and 169 in 2011/12.

Across hospitals in Merseyside, figures also show that cancellations are rife due to bed and staff shortages with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital also in the national top ten with 101 cancellations in 2012/13 which showed an extremely large increase from 101 in 2012/13 and 29 in 2011/12.

Dr Rob Barnett, secretary of the Liverpool’s Local Medical Committee, ,which represents GPs, said: “This may not be an NHS crisis, but it is a concern. We don’t want to go back to a situation we had many years ago when patients were having to wait more than 18 months for a hip operation.”

A spokeswoman for Alder Hey said during 2012/13 there was a “significant increase” in referrals and emergency cases and that an extremely busy winter period had directly impacted the number of beds available.

A spokesman for the Wirral trust said the decision to postpone, cancel and reschedule surgery was a factor that was being tackled, adding: “Our current figures reflect a significant improvement and we anticipate a greatly reduced number of deferred operations this year.”

Both hospitals said emergency and serious cases were prioritised as a matter of course.

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