Midwifery Complaints

If you or a loved one has suffered mistreatment from a midwife and wish to pursue a midwifery complaint, Mistreatment.com is here to assist.  

Being pregnant and giving birth should be a joyous occasion for the mother, father and family members.  Whilst under the care of a hospital when in labour, it is the role of the obstetrician and midwife to consistently monitor the health of the child and mother. It is imperative both mother and child are provided with high standards of care.

Regretfully birth related and pregnancy errors can arise and there are many complications that can impact both mother and child during pregnancy and can often lead to devastating effects on the physical and mental wellbeing of the mother and child.  

Whether this is due to failures in providing adequate care, failing to carry out tests and scans and failing to observe and monitor, our midwifery complaints teams can assist with various types of midwifery complaints, which include the following 

Free advice to those who have suffered midwifery mistreatment 

At Mistreatment.com we have specialist teams of solicitors, barristers and independent medical experts. If you wish to pursue a midwifery complaint we may be able to assist. 

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