Anaesthesia Errors & Treatment Delays

Anaesthesia can be administered to patients in two forms, either local or general, in order for surgery to be carried out without causing pain or discomfort. Although anaesthesia is considered a vital aspect of invasive treatment, there are occasions where patients or loved ones have failed to receive or has received insufficient anaesthetic resulting in distress and in some instances, further pain. 

Types of Anaesthesia Related Complaints & Errors

Potential complications can arise from both local and general anaesthesia leading to adverse reactions and further injury. Examples of anaesthesia errors may include:

  • Anaesthesiologist and nurse anaesthetists failing to take precautionary measures in order to prevent any complications 
  • Insufficient training of medical staff
  • A failure to review a patient or loved ones medical history effectively, i.e. in regard to allergic reactions
  • Administration of insufficient anaesthetic
  • Errors resulting nerve damage, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, infection and hypothermia
  • And other anaesthesia complaints

Our dedicated teams at can provide free support and guidance from specialist medical negligence solicitors and medical advisors. can inform you of the relevant complaints departments and guide you through their complaints procedures. Our specialist teams of medical negligence solicitors and barristers can also assist you in making a medical negligence claim if your circumstances suggest you are entitled to do so.

How do I make a complaint? can place you in touch with a variety of different organisations who can assist you in making a complaint regarding NHS or private treatment. Whether you or a loved one has experienced inefficient or ineffective treatment, or have suffered misdiagnosis errors or treatment delays, part of our service involves a free review undertaken by us. This free review will help you to understand where you stand and to make an informed decision. This free review can also explain if you are eligible for legal assistance in order to make a potential claim for medical mistreatment and negligence.

What If I am Entitled to Legal Advice? can place you in touch with different practitioner organisations should you want to make a complaint. However, given the different timeframes that a complaint can sometimes involve, by contacting us you can not only obtain a free complaints guide but also obtain free initial advice about whether you can make a possible legal claim under a no win no fee basis in order to obtain answers and possible compensation.

Is there A Cost?

Placing a call with us involves no cost to you. We can provide both free advice about your initial complaint and a free guide about the different ways you can make a complaint at the treatment you experienced. Additionally, we can provide free initial legal advice about how to get answers and make a possible compensation claim. Whether a claim is to assist you in obtaining answers, getting to the truth of what happened or to obtain compensation, may be able to assist.

About our Medical Complaints Team

By getting in touch with the experienced team at we can provide specific, tailored advice about the options available to you. These options can involve not just making a complaint but also initial free legal advice and a free claims assessment if the facts of your enquiry entitle you to do so.

Unsure If You Are Entitled To Make A Complaint?

Before you decide to make a complaint, our dedicated complaints department will under no obligation advise you on the relevant complaints procedures that are available to you.