Patient Examination & Delays in Treatment Errors

A medical examination is necessary to assist a prompt and correct diagnosis of a medical disease or disorder. Examinations are also beneficial as they can be interpreted immediately and allow for the diagnosis of asymptomatic medical conditions such as high blood pressure. Whilst most examinations result in correct diagnosis and treatment, instances may arise where there is a delay in performing routine examinations, a failure to perform an examination and delay in referral for an examination. Such errors in performing a medical examination can result in a delay in diagnosis and extended periods of pain and suffering. 

Types of Patient Examination Complaints & Mismanagement 

In instances where patient examination errors arise, patients or loved ones may be at risk of suffering from extended periods of pain and suffering. Examples of such errors can include:  

  • Errors in reviewing medical history
  • Delays and errors in carrying out a physical examination, chest X-ray and blood tests
  • A failure to perform the correct examination
  • A delay in performing an internal or external examination
  • Failures to carry out adequate blood tests
  • Delay in referral for examination by a specialist
  • A failure to assess the heartbeat and breathing using a stethoscope 
  • And other patient examination complaints which may occur

Our dedicated teams at can provide free support and guidance from specialist medical negligence solicitors and medical advisors. can inform you of the relevant complaints departments and guide you through their complaints procedures. Our specialist teams of medical negligence solicitors and barristers can also assist you in making a medical negligence claim if your circumstances suggest you are entitled to do so.

How do I make a complaint?

Here at we provide detailed support, guidance and advice about your rights to complain as a patient who has undergone medical treatment. can not only place you in touch with compliance bodies, regulators and guide you as to how to start a number of complaints procedures but we can also assist in ensuring that you are made fully aware of the exact nature of your patient rights so you can make the best informed decision for you and your family. We are also able to provide you with specific guides about how to make a complaint. Complaints can be made against the following, amongst many others:

  • Your GP or Nurse
  • A NHS or Private Hospital
  • NHS or Private Dentists
  • A Care Home
  • District Care Nurses
  • Ambulance Service

As each enquiry is unique the advice given will be tailored to the individual circumstances of the client. Find out more on how to make a complaint regarding the above bodies by reading our detailed guidelines

Is there any cost to making a complaint?

When making a complaint to either the NHS or private sector, there is no cost to you and we will explain and guide you through the necessary processes. Healthcare providers have an internal complaints procedure which is at no cost to its patients and are in place provide information and to answer for any unsatisfactory treatment. is here to guide you through the relevant avenues that are available, at no cost to yourself. 

About our medical complaints team is comprised of specialist teams of medical complaints advisors and is committed in fighting for truth and justice. strives to raise clinical standards in ensuring you or your loved ones receive the guidance and support you require in accessing your patient rights. We are highly knowledgeable about the complaints systems at both NHS and private hospitals and can provide tailored advice and guides to help you access your patient rights, whether for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

Our commitment to those who have been affected by medical mistreatment

We understand each patient’s circumstances are unique, however with our specialist medical complaints advisors are able to provide you with assistance, guidance and access to justice. Our commitment is to offer you:

  • Free private and confidential initial advice.
  • A no obligation complaints assessment to provide you with the necessary information for the relevant complaints procedure, tailored to your circumstances.  
  • Experienced medical complaints advisors who will listen to you and are there to help.
  • When making a medical complaint we can provide a free and independent complaints guide.

Unsure If You Are Entitled To Make A Complaint?

Before you decide to make a complaint, our dedicated complaints department will under no obligation advise you on the relevant complaints procedures that are available to you.