Care Home Complaints

If you or a loved one has suffered mistreatment from a care home and wish to pursue a care home complaint, may be able to help.

When an elderly patient or a loved one is admitted into a care home their families place their trust and confidence in the carers and institution. This trust and confidence can be compromised in unfortunate circumstances where trauma and abuse is suffered or injury and distress is caused as a result of care home mistreatment.

Whether this is due to failures and delays in treating a patient or loved ones, delays hydrating and administering medication, failures in carrying out tests or a failure in referrals, our care home complaints team can assist with various types of care home complaints, which include the following 

Free advice to those who have suffered mistreatment from a care home 

At we have specialist teams of solicitors, barristers and independent medical experts. If you wish to pursue a care home complaint we may be able to assist.

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