Robert Rose

Medical Negligence Solicitor

Robert Rose is a solicitor at Lime Personal Injury Limited who is a panel member firm.

Qualified in 1992. Robert been involved in clinical negligence litigation since 1995.

Areas of Law

Robert has developed two key specialisms. The first relates to birth injuries. To see a child and meet the families who have to deal  with such traumatic injuries is continually humbling. Robert is drawn to such cases because they are complex and demanding, and in a sense the most rewarding. The successful conclusion of such cases can be a life changing event for the child and their family.

The second area relates to care of the elderly, both in relation to hospitals and care homes. Unfortunately the standard of care for our older relatives is often truly shocking, and Robert has no doubt the elderly are very often not treated with the respect they deserve.


What drew Robert to the area of Medical Negligence was always a desire to assist victims who have been badly treated by the medical profession as well as a keen interest in medical evidence. The most important element of client care for Robert is trust- pure and simple. Clearly an ability to communicate is very important, and Robert stresses to the team that they must be approachable at all times. The key is trust…if you have been let down by one professional, you don’t want that to happen again and Robert is a firm believer in this ethos.


Robert enjoys the challenge of creating a clinical negligence team and is proud that the team has recovered many millions of pounds for the victims of medical negligence over many years, and he also takes great pride in trying to help those whose cases the team could not take on, but has also strived to  put such clients  in touch with organisations that both care and are able to assist.

Career History

Robert has been involved in a number of major medical negligence cases, particularly in the area of birth injury claims. Within this area, the cases Robert has worked on involve awards in total over the last 10 years total which can exceeded £50 million in compensation payments. These have been primarily due to birth asphyxia- which has devastating consequences on the brain. Most recently, Robert has been involved in more gynaecological cases- as he has identified a concern that medical standards here may be slipping. Additionally he was seen increasing number of complications involving laparotomies. Robert has also dealt with areas of medical negligence which cover rare areas such as Aicardi syndrome, and neurofibromatosis, both cases involve misdiagnosis and negligent treatment thereafter. 

Robert Rose is a solicitor at Lime Personal Injury Limited who is a panel member firm.

Robert Rose

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