Nicola Glaves

Medical Negligence Solicitor

Nicola Glaves is a solicitor at Lime Personal Injury Limited who is a panel member firm.

Areas of Law

I deal with a variety of clinical negligence cases ranging from claims for a few months’ worth of pain and suffering to babies starved of oxygen at birth and now suffering with cerebral palsy.


I had always been interested in clinical negligence work, I find medicine fascinating and wanted to assist victims of medical accidents.
In our line of work the most important aspect is to be understanding and compassionate allowing you to build up a good relationship. Our clients have usually already been failed by one professional and therefore it is necessary to gain their trust.

I find the medicine and medical expert evidence fascinating. It is always great to settle a client’s case and send out to them their compensation cheque knowing how much it is going to improve their life.


I am particularly interested in clinical negligence claims for the elderly where poor treatment has been received in care homes, nursing homes, hospitals and in the community.
I think that I am very personable and easy to get along with. I like to build up a really good relationship with my client’s so that they feel they can call with any question however silly they may think it seems.

Career History

I have worked closely with leading Medical Negligence Solicitors on a case that was settled for £2.7million following a brain injury to a child.

I also worked on a case that we settled for £465,000 at a round table meeting. The ambulance service failed to categorise our client’s call correctly and as a result he was not transferred to hospital when he should have been. Our client had an ischaemic foot, by the time he arrived at hospital it was too late to save the foot and he required a forefoot amputation.

I have worked on a matter whereby surgery was conducted at the wrong site, our client was admitted for the removal of skin tags at the top of her thigh, she ended up having internal anal surgery.
Another case involves neurofibromatosis, where the person affected developed pain and numbness in their fingers and this was misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. Our client actually had a large carcinoma affecting the nerves in his arms.


I qualified as a Solicitor in September 2009, I have been working within Clinical Negligence for the past 2 ½ years.

Nicola Glaves is a solicitor at Lime Personal Injury Limited who is a panel member firm.

Nicola Glaves

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