Michelle Harper

Medical Negligence Paralegal

Michelle Harper is a paralegal at Lime Personal Injury Limited who is a Mistreatment.com panel member firm.

Areas of Law

Working within the area of Medical Negligence, I deal with the initial stages of claims ranging from surgical errors, misdiagnosis of fractures and cancer claims.


I feel that we communicate well with our clients and fully explain to them each stage of their claim. The Solicitors within our clinical negligence team have many years of experience between them which is reassuring for the client.


I feel that good communication is vital between Solicitors and clients.  The client should always be kept up to date and kept fully informed of how their case is progressing.

Although the solicitor client relationship needs to be kept professional, an ability to sympathise and listen to a client’s concerns is also important in medical negligence cases.  Most clients we deal with have had a traumatic experience in Hospital, or have perhaps lost a loved one. Therefore it is vital that client’s feel they are able to discuss their claim in confidence with us and trust that we are working to give them the best outcome.

My job involves the start-up of files so I really enjoy being able to speak with the client to obtain as much detail in the first instance, it’s important for me to be able to listen to their concerns and be as sympathetic as possible in order for them to feel confident to provide me with details concerning very personal issues.

When a claim I have taken the details for has gone ahead I enjoy piecing together the key events from medical records and then taking statements from clients to assist the Solicitor.
I enjoy the diversity of claims that we deal with, from care home neglect to amputation. Every call is different and I enjoy learning something new every day.  I really enjoy being able to feel like I am helping someone in a small way.

Career History

I am involved with the start-up of new clinical negligence files. This involves speaking to new clients to take the initial details of their potential claims over the telephone.
I then discuss the potential claim with the rest of the clinical negligence team at our weekly meetings. The team Risk Assess the potential claims to decide if they are likely to succeed or not. If necessary I may be required to obtain further information from the client or seek a pro-bono opinion from a medical expert who can provide further advice on the likely prospects of success.
If the case goes ahead I am then responsible for speaking to the client to discuss funding, drafting all the initial funding paperwork to be signed by the client and then requesting all the client’s medical records and dealing with any queries they may have at the beginning of their claim. I also take detailed statements from clients.


Clinical negligence is a very interesting area of the law.  I felt that helping people who have suffered negligence while in Hospital or due to a GP/Dentist’s negligence is an extremely interesting and rewarding area to specialise in.

Michelle Harper is a paralegal at Lime Personal Injury Limited who is a Mistreatment.com panel member firm.

Michelle Harper

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