Lisa Hughes

Medical Negligence Solicitor

Lisa Hughes is a solicitor at Lees LLP who is a panel member firm.

Areas of law

I have been specialising in medical negligence since 2010 and qualified as a solicitor in 2015. I work on a varied caseload and assist with many high value cases, including brain injuries.


After graduating in Law I went on to study advanced personal injury on the Legal Practice Course. I found it to be really interesting as not only are you learning about the law but it provides an insight into the anatomy. I have since developed a real interest in medicine and in my spare time enjoy watching medical dramas.

In my experience managing client expectations is the most important aspect of client care. I ensure that from the first meeting with my client that they are aware of how difficult it is to prove negligence in a clinical negligence claim. I explain from the very beginning that our purpose is to establish whether there was a breach of duty of care and if there has been causation.

Always at the forefront of my mind is that the reason a client makes a claim is that they feel they have already been let down by a professional. When I take on a case I am dedicated to providing my client with the highest level of care. I believe being readily available is important and want to ensure my client has trust and confidence in me. I pride myself on building a strong rapport with my clients that is founded on my commitment to their case.

In this area of law we do see the sometimes devastating impact medical mistakes can have on individual and family life. Seeing the difference our work can have on improving lives is highly rewarding.

Lisa Hughes is a solicitor at Lees LLP who is a panel member firm.

Lisa Hughes

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