Angelina Rigby

Medical Negligence Solicitor

Angelina Rigby is a solicitor at Geldards LLP who is a panel member firm.

Angelina specialises in 2 main areas of medical negligence cases, brain injury and spinal injury cases, both of which demand experienced, specialist advice.

"My clients can contact me at any time by telephone or email which gives them a sense of security that I am there for them and means their cases are not unnecessarily delayed.I enjoy working in an area of law where success in the case and securing compensation can improve the person’s quality of life. I have 20 years’ experience in the field of claimant clinical negligence claims"


With 20 years experience in claimant medical negligence cases, Angelina has an extremely varied caseload comprising of several areas of medicine:-

Gynaecology/Obstetric claim and birth injury claims: I find this a very interesting area of medicine, if substandard care causes an injury it can have life-changing effect for mothers, children and family from that point forward.

Orthopedic Claims- This is a particularly interesting area for me. I am fascinated as to how a broken bone can set itself if treatment is delayed and the implications this can have.

Product failure-  prosthesis, surgery tools

Prescription error- sometimes a simple mistake can result in life-changing injuries.

Private/cosmetic surgery- Concerning a person who has sought aesthetic pleasure and was caused an injury, to me this throws up very interesting points of law and medicine.

I also offer legal advice within the fields of:-

-Spinal Injury

-Adult Brain Injury

-Surgery Claims

-Cancer Claims

-Claims For Wrongful Birth

-Claims Against GPs

-Accident and Emergency Claims

-Pressure Sores Claims

-Drug Administration or Dispensing Claims

-Care or Care Home Nursing Claims

-Falls In Hospitals

-Hospital Infections Including MRSA

Some ‘Never Event’ cases I have dealt with include

Failure to dilute concentrated medication- when administering by IV

Failure to remove intra-uterine device before inserting another

Failure to service and maintain surgical equipment

Undertaking a caesarean section when there has not been a clinical indication to do so


Some major settlements I have worked on include

£2m settlement of a cauda equina claim

£700k thermal abrasion injury claim

£750k interim payment on an ongoing CP claim


I enjoy developing a rapport and an understanding of the impact the negligence and injury has had upon the client and their family / friends.

I believe the strength of the client care relationship is built on good communication and empathy. What I enjoy the most about what I do is successfully presenting a case, so that the client has the financial security and quality of life (with care and equipment needs provided for) that they otherwise would not achieve.

Angelina Rigby is a solicitor at Geldards LLP who is a panel member firm.

Angelina Rigby

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