Claimant receives compentation after undergoing avoidable radiotherapy as a result of a delayed cancer diagnosis

A member of our medical negligence solicitor panel acted for Mr. J following delayed diagnosis of male breast cancer at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Mr. J found a lump in his breast and attended the hospital where an inadequate fine needle aspiration was performed in November 2009. Instead of repeating the procedure or undertaking further investigation, Mr. J was assured that the lump was just fat and he was discharged.  The lump grew and his nipple became increasingly swollen and sore. Mr. J returned to his GP and he was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2011. As a result of the delayed diagnosis, Mr. J required radiotherapy and a mastectomy.

Had he been diagnosed in November 2009 he would have been able to avoid radiotherapy treatment. The panel solicitor was able to secure Mr. J a compensation payment of £17,000 within six months of bringing the claim against the Hospital.

If you have been affected by a delayed cancer diagnosis then there may be grounds for a medical negligence claim.

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